V – Formalities and permits

If the building conditions have been issued or the investment complies with the Local Development Plan, you can proceed to complete the construction documentation needed to obtain a building permit. For this purpose, please contact a local designer (a person with building qualifications to design) to prepare a plot development plan. Subsequently, it will be required to perform industry agreements and obtain the necessary decisions (depending on local conditions). Pursuant to the Code of Administrative Procedure, having submitted an application for a building permit, the office should consider the application and issue a decision within 30 days. Having obtained the final decision and reporting to the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate „commencement of construction works” (notification within 1 day), it is possible to build a self-service Tixe car wash.
For customers who want to carry out their car washes with us, we provide FREE OF CHARGE* design that will be adapted to local climatic conditions. The design requires only the adaptation of a local designer.
* The free of charge form applies to customers who have already signed an agreement for the implementation of a car wash. Otherwise, a deposit is charged, which is settled during the performance of the agreement.