Thanks to many years of experience we can offer a checked and tested range of high-quality cleaning products. They are highly effective and indispensable in providing excellent cleaning results, and thanks to their high concentration, their consumption is significantly reduced.

Basic cleaning
Hetix Active, Hetix Active Aroma

A series of concentrated, high-performance car washing shampoos (pomelo, cherry coffee fragrance, brush). They perfectly remove road dirt and provide anti-corrosion protection for delicate vehicle parts. These are products used for the basic washing of vehicles using a high-pressure lance. They are phosphate-free. Fragrant and biodegradable.
Brush cleaning
Hetix Mousse, Hetix Mousse Coffee, Hetix, Hetix Neutro

A range of high-end chemicals with excellent performance for brush car washing. They are characterised by their high efficiency in removing all road dirt. The products are safe for both the paintwork and other sensitive vehicle components, as well as environmentally friendly.
Active foam
Hetix Foam Plus, Hetix Bubble Forte, Hetix Fat Foam

Highly concentrated, fortified active foam. Guarantees high performance as a reinforced active foam for car washing. It is used for self-service washing and in manual car washes. It perfectly removes dirt.
Hetix Wax, Hetix Eucalyptus, Hetix Teflon Wax

Hydro-waxes for protecting paintwork against weather. They impart an excellent shine and support the drying process of the car body. They are designed for waxing using cold water.
Hetix Rimos
Active cleanser for washing rims, car wheel arches, removing insect residues from vehicle bodies. It dissolves effectively grease, oil, fat, mud, insect residues, etc.
Product with alkaline ph. It is safe for steel and aluminium.

In addition, we offer
the following universal products

  • Hetix Tapi-Car - a powerful concentrate for washing upholstery.
  • Hetix Super Blink - plastic gloss conditioner.
  • Hetix Rubber Shine - tyre polish.
  • Hetix Perfect Glass - glass cleaner.
  • Hetix Ambientador The Boss and Hetix Ambientador Arctic - car fragrances .