Continuous research and development allows us to be at the forefront of the industry, introducing new features and solutions. We focus on the highest quality components and ensure that our solutions are reliable. High effectiveness and durability are our priority. For us, the success of our customers and their achievements are the best proof of the effectiveness of our solutions.

Multi Bar Dragon

It is absolutely the most efficient system of technological solutions in self-service car washes on the market. A series of interconnected technological solutions, GUARANTEED to reduce costs, i.e. up to -30% water and wastewater savings and up to 50% electricity savings, as well as prolonging the life of electric motors, high-pressure pumps, diaphragms in solenoid valves and pressure regulators.
PATENT No. P.446581

XXL Brush

We have replaced the TURBO brush that generates excessive water consumption with a completely new solution. XXL Brush with extra-long bristles, 100% more foam and more than 50% savings in water consumption compared to the TURBO brush. Combined with the Double Power system, this is one of the most profitable washing programmes. Energy consumption eliminated to 0!

Top Gun

The system that increases cleaning pressure by 15-20 bar while reducing water consumption to 10%.

Double power

the solution integrating the "Top Gun" and "XXL Brush" systems. Double Power represents a number of cumulative savings:
- reduced water consumption by 20%,
- an increase in the pressure of the basic wash by 15-20 bar
- doubled foam production in the brush wash programme


Water recovery from osmosis production. The system recovers some of the water used for the needs of operation of the car wash. In the reverse osmosis process, part of the water flowing through the system is purified and the rest, containing impurities, is discarded. Recovering water from the circulation helps minimise losses and is economically beneficial. The discarded water is 100% utilised.


Thanks to modern technological solutions of Tixewash Polska engineers, the "anti - freeze" system prevents the car wash from freezing even at temperatures below -30° C. This system is fully automatic and cheaper to operate than traditional anti-freeze systems used in other car washes. It does not require the construction of a special plant and the use of additional pumps and filters that are prone to frequent failure in winter.


Intelligent Heating System is an innovative system for heating washing bays. The entire system is fully regulated by means of an electronic reading of the actual temperature of the plate and valve assembly. The activation temperature of the 'IHS' is regulated, as is the glycol flow rate at individual washing bays, depending on the current floor temperature. The use of the 'IHS' generates savings of up to 50% compared to existing solutions used at other car washes.
PATENT No. P.446580

See how much you save with our systems.

Multi Bar Dragon
  • up to 30% water and sewage savings
  • up to 50% electricity savings
XXL Brush
  • -50% water consumption,
  • 100% more foam,
  • energy consumption eliminated to 0
Double Power
  • -20% water consumption,
  • pressure increase 15-20 bar
  • 2x more foam in the brush washing program
Top Gun
  • -10% water consumption,
  • pressure increase 15-20 bar
  • 100% recoil used
  • original patented system
  • 50% savings compared to traditional solutions
Anti- freeze
  • prevents the car wash from freezing even down to -30℃
  • does not require the construction of a well, the use of an electrically powered pump or filters