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Own car wash, where to start?

The plot for the construction of a self-service car wash should meet the basic criteria: have an attractive location with communication access and sufficient space to develop the facility. The perfect plot should also have access to all utilities.
Lack of access to mains water, sewage or gas is not an obstacle to the implementation of the Tixe self-service car wash.

This is determined by the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan, and if it is not available, the decision determining the conditions of development (issued for a specific plot).
If there is a Local Spatial Development Plan, we have all the information about the functional purpose of a specific area and the conditions that must be met by the investment on a given plot. However, if there is no Local Development Plan, the investor will be obliged to submit an application to the competent authority (city or commune office) for a decision establishing the development conditions for the proposed plot. Completing the application requires providing detailed information about the planned investment.
To eliminate the risk of submitting an incorrect application specifying the development conditions, our designers will provide you with all the necessary information and help you complete the appropriate application.

In order for a plot to be considered attractive for the construction of a self-service car wash, it should meet as many of the following evaluation criteria:

  • Location: near large clusters of such estates of single-family houses, housing estates; location at main streets, intersections, roundabouts and at facilities such as petrol stations, shopping centres, hypermarkets, diagnostic stations, etc. In addition, good visibility of the facility, easy access and the possibility of turning from both directions. Adequate plot area, so that it is possible to set up a car wash with the possibility of driving, which increases the comfort of use and income.
  • The area to develop a car wash. The number of washing positions, the number of complementary devices, the arrangement of the communication system, whether the car wash will be crossing or not, limitations resulting from the provisions of the local spatial development plan, etc. – each of these factors affects the size of the plot. The analysis of a specific property should be performed individually for each project.

Our designers (experienced in the field of designing self-service car washes) will help you choose the best solution for the property – SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE.

A self-service car wash can be constructed on purchased or leased land. When signing the agreement, it should be remembered that for the construction of a car wash, it is necessary to obtain a building permit issued by the Poviat Staroste or the President of the City (in the case of a city with poviat rights). Therefore, it is worth concluding a conditional purchase or lease agreement with the owner of the plot, which will come into force only after obtaining the development conditions or after checking the provisions in the local spatial development plan (documents are issued by city or commune offices appropriate for the location).
In order to obtain the highest possible profit on the investment, it is worth concluding a long-term lease agreement. These types of agreements are usually concluded for a period of 10 to even 20 years.

If the building conditions have been issued or the investment complies with the Local Development Plan, you can proceed to complete the construction documentation needed to obtain a building permit. For this purpose, please contact a local designer (a person with building qualifications to design) to prepare a plot development plan. Subsequently, it will be required to perform industry agreements and obtain the necessary decisions (depending on local conditions). Pursuant to the Code of Administrative Procedure, having submitted an application for a building permit, the office should consider the application and issue a decision within 30 days. Having obtained the final decision and reporting to the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate „commencement of construction works” (notification within 1 day), it is possible to build a self-service Tixe car wash.
For customers who want to carry out their car washes with us, we provide FREE OF CHARGE* design that will be adapted to local climatic conditions. The design requires only the adaptation of a local designer.
* The free of charge form applies to customers who have already signed an agreement for the implementation of a car wash. Otherwise, a deposit is charged, which is settled during the performance of the agreement.

Construction works related to the preparation of the area for a contactless car wash take approximately 1-2 months on average. The scope of the works necessary to be performed includes: levelling the area, execution of connections and underground installations, preparation of the heating foundation slab and execution of communication on the plot. Having made the necessary elements, the car wash is installed by our company. Installation works, depending on the size of the car wash, take 2-6 days.
It is possible to make a heating foundation slab with our help from ready-made, prefabricated elements. This solution is significantly better in terms of quality and significantly shortens the investment process.

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, in order to start the car wash operation, a notification must be made to the County Building Supervision Inspectorate about the completion of construction works and the commencement of the use of the construction facility. The entire process takes up to 2 weeks and is limited to a minimum number of documents (geodetic as-built map, media connection protocols – issued by network administrators, and the construction manager’s statement).

Our design consultancy department is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.